Controlling the Conversation

Do you have the influence you deserve?

If you control the conversation you will influence the outcome.

Influence puts you in control of both your work and personal life.

Influence means you are more likely to get the outcomes you deserve.

Controlling the conversation is a technique.

We will work together to give you the skills to control your conversations, always building upon your personality and style.

There are five elements we will work on:

  • Acquiring positional power
  • Being passionate
  • Leveraging your expertise
  • Interpreting the subconscious signals
  • Projecting the subconscious signals of being the leader

When you have these skills you will be able to move conversations in the direction you want.

Controlling the conversation is a core skill required to Realise Your Potential.

What you think matters.  Do not wait any longer to learn how to control the conversation.  Call or email now.

There are 5 sessions designed to empower you with these skills.  These can be one on one or group basis.

To read a case study about controlling the conversation click here.