Interview Coaching

FlagHave you ever wondered why you have not been offered the role after an interview?

Interview coaching will answer this question and make a huge difference to landing your next job.  Your training will enhance your natural strengths with the skills you need to attend the interview and succeed.

These individually tailored sessions will teach you techniques to:

  1. Manage the interview
  2. Understand the interviewer’s agenda
  3. Communicate persuasively
  4. Answer questions regardless of how challenging they are
  5. Sell your potential
  6. Make the interviewer like you.

Course Structure

  1. Understanding how to explain your potential
  2. Understanding of your goals so you can articulate them
  3. Techniques to:
    • Sell yourself to the interviewer
    • Show the interviewer you are interested in the role
    • Deal with challenging questions.

There is homework.  I will ask you to practise the  techniques in your day-to-day conversations.  The homework will turn the techniques into habits so they will be second nature during your interview.

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