Successful Investment Pitching

Do you have a great business idea but have failed to raise the funds you deserve?

Have you ever watched Dragons Den and seen people with great ideas fail to get the investment?

The reason is that most investment pitches are set up to fail. It is not the idea that fails.  It is the pitch.

The conventional way to start an investment meeting is to use slides.  That’s a bit like showing pictures of yourself in various situations at the beginning of a date. Both are doomed to fail.

Securing an investor is like finding someone for a long-term relationship. The investor is looking for people they can work with, people with big visions, people who know their limitations and are passionate about their project. Most importantly the investors have to believe in the people.

It is the same process to pitch to a venture capitalist or a wealthy individual.

I have raised significant amounts of funds for multiple companies using my techniques.

If you want to learn these skills email or call.

To be effective I will need to train the whole team pitching for the investment.