Programme Types

My programmes deliver significant measurable results that benefit individuals, companies and their clients. My clients say I significantly help them. We will work together to develop the skills and insights you need to achieve your potential. My programs either have specific goals or build individuals or teams.

One-On-One sessions

One-on-one sessions fall into two categories.

The first explores and teaches specific modules and are for a set number of sessions, such as: Controlling the Conversation or Winning in Meetings.

The second is mentoring, designed to aid an individual’s career goals.  We will first delve deeply into your career.  It may be accelerating the path to promotion, managing the transition to becoming a successful partner at a Magic Circle law firm, or an MD who has built a business and is transitioning after sale to a corporate environment where he or she immediately needs to swim. We explore the areas where you can improve, prioritising a quick win.  A win early in your mentoring will make you more receptive to learning.

Group Sessions

Group sessions are most effective by quickly moulding the group into a team.

The team’s first activity is to collectively impart information about their environment, individuals’ methodologies and the learning requirement.

Each skill involves a different dynamic to activate the learning process. For example, if the skill is pitching, creating the shared group understanding is the key.  The team need to master the skill of listening collectively.  Once they have mastered collective listening the rest is easy.

Participants in my groups always leave energised, enthusiastic and hungry to implement their new skills.

The exact shape of every coaching session is tailored to the needs and goals of the participants.