Retired Estate Agent

The Retired Estate Agent  – Case Study

A successful retired Estate Agent was introduced by a client.  Her husband had died in his early sixties leaving her short of money.  She did not know what to do with herself.  She was worried about her finances.  She felt her life was a void.  She felt she had no choice but to go back to work full time.

My initial brief was to help get her back into the workplace.

Two things quickly became clear to me:

  • she had valuable knowledge built up over many years of experience in her industry and
  • the thought of going back to work full-time was making her anxious.

The key to unlocking her potential was to leverage the value of this experience to create regular income and build her confidence.

I suggested she could have a massive impact in her former industry. She should share her knowledge and experience with recent recruits to the property business.

I armed her with the skills necessary to planestate agent for sale signs control training sessions. This gave her the confidence to reach out to her network and ask if they would like to have these workshops. I helped with the first session and she was away. Very quickly she was doing four half day sessions a month.

This gave her:

  • a new lease of life,
  • more than enough money to fill her funding gap,
  • the satisfaction of being valued
  • only needing to work four half days a month.